Xavianca Horne

Xavianca is a yoga, breathwork, meditation, and energy healing coach.

Born in the Big Apple New York, Xavianca moved to Malibu, California as a teen and is no stranger to the pressures of the film and music industry. As a classically trained vocalist, recording artist, and retired fashion model, she saw a need for a meaningful and mindful foundation to live a truly fulfilling life. Over the past ten years, Xavianca gained an understanding of the importance of the mind, body, and soul connection through breath-work, meditation, movement, and most importantly, music.

When she’s not teaching or coaching, she is advocating for Autism Speaks and working closely with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Vista Del Mar Child Child and Family Services in Culver City, CA. Xavianca’s mission in life is to break down the barriers of labels of society’s standards and empower every unique soul she encounters to learn and grow authentically.

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