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Atonia King | Zooga Yoga® Founder & Owner

Antonia is a mom of three, television and film producer, entrepreneur and founder of Zooga Yoga, She is a go-getter who is fueled by her passion for children, wellness and entertainment. After graduating from USC with a BA in Film & Television, Antonia enjoyed a career as a producer working for Pixar, Disney, Fox, Sony and MTV. Antonia developed a lifelong love of dance and performance that began in childhood through ballet, contemporary dance, musicals and television. As an adult, she studied dance, Pilates and yoga for more than 20 years. In 2012, Antonia combined her expertise in yoga and entertainment to create “Zooga Yoga,” a uniquely branded yoga studio with programs for kids and families and branded products such as books, music, yoga cards and yoga gear for kids. Today she continues to run her LA-based studio while working to expand Zooga Yoga across the US. With her husband, Chris, and their three kids, Antonia is truly living her dream, bringing the Zooga YogaPlay® interactive experience to children and families everywhere.

About Zooga Yoga

In 2012, Zooga Yoga® opened as the only yoga studio in the Los Angeles area dedicated to babies, kids, teens, expecting moms, parents and families. And now, Zooga Yoga is the only premiere kids franchise available in the United States! Zooga has a playful and unique approach to yoga. Zooga couples traditional yoga poses and elements with fun themes that include animal poses, challenging and partner poses, games and props to create a specialized brand of ‘YogaPlay®’. This approach is designed to foster confidence, creativity and imagination while keeping true to the goal of whole mind and body health that is inherent in the practice of yoga.

Zooga Studios are bright, fun and creative, dedicated to introducing kids and families to a one of-a-kind, branded yoga experience called Zooga Yoga. The pressures of today’s fast-paced, social media, digital bombardment, stress filled world, create particularly difficult challenges for children. Zooga Yoga combines the most current mind and body wellness techniques with traditional yoga poses, dance, props, original kids music, and laugh-out-loud games to create interactive animal adventures that are nothing short of the future of fitness of kids. Zooga classes are developed to create not only a deeper sense of strength and focus for kids of all ages, but also to encourage bonding and togetherness for mommies, daddies and their little ones. Guided by yoga principles and designed for maximum entertainment, Zooga is good fun for kids and parents.

Zooga’s caring, experienced teachers guide children and parents through a transformational, educational yoga experience. We are passionate about teaching kids of all ages to experience the healthy benefits of yoga and physical activity in a non-competitive, stress-free environment. Yoga is an ancient practice that can help modern kids achieve calm and balanced minds, while they build strong and flexible bodies.

Our mission is to inspire fun and promote fitness to kids and families through yoga and much, much more. Zooga is a multifaceted mind-body fitness studio catering primarily to children ages 0 to 18. Created and perfected at our flagship location in Culver City, California, our approach is completely unique! “Our Om is your home”.

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Learn to roar like a lion, float like a butterfly, and swim like a dolphin. It’s a jungle out there, so bring your animal instinct and sense of yogaplay®.

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