Stephanie Palomino

Yogi by day.

Nurse by night.

Steph is a Neonatal ICU RN at a local LA hospital. She finds it a rewarding and difficult profession at times, but wouldn’t have it any other way. She has worked night shifts (by choice) since she was a new grad, which has made for some bittersweet rewards. Working 3 nights allows her to have 4 days off, which are spent recuperating, being a dog mom, self care with some boxing, supporting other yoga teachers by taking their class, and supporting her students by sharing her love of yoga as a guide through their yoga practice.

She has studied under some amazing yoga instructors over the past few years and thoroughly enjoy furthering her education through the yoga community.

She has a 200 RYT certification plus more hours of continuing education..

Also, a BSN.

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"Be the best version of you!"