Lorenzo Lawrence

WELCOME!!! I'm Lorenzo Lawrence, your friendly neighborhood yoga instructor here to assist you in further unlocking yourselves as you continue to reach your individual goals!! I'm located in Los Angeles, California via Durham, North Carolina which I got to via Los Angeles, so I guess we can just say life came full circle. That full circle led me down a path to find a deeper connection with spirituality. While on that journey, I stumbled across yoga. At first I admit, I was very hesitant to experiment with the practice as I didn't see many people that looked like me involved in it, we will call it me operating from a limited understanding of the practice. With a little peer pressure from one of my sisters however, I took my first yoga class and I began to not only gain a deeper knowledge of what yoga is but feel and see the actual changes that yoga was having in my physical life. Things began to align with me and yoga and after some additional peer pressure; all positive I assure you, I got my certification to teach yoga! Now I am here to share the knowledge, light, and love I have accumulated on my path with you as we strengthen our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies in perfect harmony evolving our holy trinities together as a community!!! NAMASTE

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