Jill Robinson

Martial arts, yoga, tai chi and qigong (Chee-Kung) have been life-changing practices for me as pathways to greater strength, balance, agility, and equanimity. I have found a deeper understanding of the ways we embody and physically remember stress and trauma while discovering moving meditations that rejuvenate the body and mind.

My training in martial arts began at age 17 when I began to study Shorinji Kempo, a Japanese martial art considered by many to be a modified version of Shaolin Kung Fu. In college, I studied fencing and modern dance, and began to see the connections between these two, and the “flow state” of relaxed but focused intention required for each.

My tai chi and qigong training began with Roger Jahnke of the Institute for Integral QiGong and Tai Chi (IIQTC). I am a certified Community Practice Leader in Medical QiGong in the ancient healing tradition known as Bu Zheng QiGong (vitality enhancement method). I have also trained with Roger Jahnke in Primordial QiGong (Wuji QiGong), developed by Daoist monk Chang San Feng, in Iron Shirt QiGong and tai chi with Nzazi Malonga of the Dharma Health Institute in Los Angeles, California, and in Kung Fu San Soo with Playa Vista Martial Arts.

In addition to my martial arts training, I am also a certified Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor, a Wilderness First Responder and a Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide.

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"The process is the purpose"