Brett Hoebel


Capoeira Yoga Fitness Motivation
Founder @SweatWithSoul Apparel
Creator @20MinuteBody
Trainer NBC Biggest Loser

Capoeira Yoga Flow combines the fluid movements from the Brazilian martial art Capoeira with the flow of vinyasa yoga… think Brazilian Yoga Sculpt! Sun Salutations are blended with similar capoeira movements to create a powerful, unique sequence using all directions on your mat and is done to the rhythms of Capoeira songs and Electronic beats!

Cardio Capoeira combines fluid moves from the Brazilian martial art-dance, Capoeira, with high energy, positive-vibe music into a fun, sweaty, movement flow. This cardio-capoeira class will ‘Brazilify’ your bunda and have you smiling while you punch, kick and jinga to reggaeton, hip hop, and house-music!

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"Fitness isn't about lifting weights, it's about lifting standards"