Ashley Shaw, AshFit Solutions

Ashley's two main focus areas are on strength training/conditioning and training for individuals with injuries/physical limitations. When she isn't training and coaching, Ashley and her husband run a meal prep business,, giving access to healthy food in a convenient and affordable way.

Ashley ran marathons, boxed, biked, and loves anything competitive. She went to the gym A LOT, but yo-yo dieted when she had a special event coming up, stayed on point then fell off programs she started ...again and again.

People told her she looked good... she was ok with how she looked in clothes, BUT she hated how her body looked naked.

After a major car accident ended her career, she had to have neck, back, and knee surgery and used a walker.  Doctors told her that she would NEVER be able to much more than walking. Once she re-taught myself to walk she promised herself that if her body ever healed enough she was going to stop playing with her health and fitness.  

Just ok and settling wasn't acceptable anymore and she KNEW it was time to commit to making a REAL CHANGE! She shifted her mindset and built her body AND life to a level beyond what she dreamed.

Despite chronic pain, struggles with depression, and a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, she never quit and she IS living proof that you CAN defy the obstacles and odds and accomplish what you set your mind to.  

She did the "impossible" and from her lowest point mentally, physically, and spiritually transformed from a broken mess into a real life SUPER HERO.  Ashley's mission:  To create more heroes...

If you are fed up with not seeing the results you really want and are truly READY to transform Ashley's will help you exceed your circumstances and BE YOUR OWN SUPERHERO!

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“The question isn’t who is going to let me: it’s who is going to stop me. Let’s Get it!“