Albina Katsman

Born in Ukraine, raised in Chicago, and now living in Los Angeles. Ever since high school, she's been a professional multitasker – partaking in plays in school, running to tennis practice and all the while helping out at a Jewish children’s center over the weekends.

Her love of sports led her to her first-ever workout class at the local college gym, where she fell in love with fitness. Not with the equipment room, but the classes.

Something about being around a group of people with similar goals attempting to do the same exercises felt powerful. Working out solo and carrying heavy equipment was just not her style. She wanted the “team” mentality, which is what her BodyByBina sessions are like today: workouts that make you feel like you’re working out with a group of your best friends. She began my training career by teaching Zumba lessons at her college’s gym. To increase her experience in fitness, she later got her Advanced Certification in Lagree Fitness. After years of training under some of the most outstanding teachers in Los Angeles, her creativity, passion, and love for health and fitness led her to create BodyByBina, a fitness brand to help everyday people get the sweat that they need! All of her classes are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and PILATES inspired and ONLY 30- 45 minutes!

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