Kupah James

Kupah James is motivation, positivity, and energy personified. Over 20 years of experience, Kupah travels the globe as a Celebrity Trainer, Fitness Concierge and DJ. Creator of BodyWeight BootKAMP (Los Angeles), an outdoor beach workout for all levels in 2020. Kupah x Alo joined forces for the Incredible and unique “Alo In the Wild”series and continues to create signature formats for Alo Moves.

Originally from Boston, Kupah began his fitness career teaching an aerobic dance class spanning 10 years and became a local phenomenon. He has since expanded to specialize in HIlT, boxing, strength and conditioning, mobility, and more.

Kupah makes working out fun with an endless supply of uplifting energy and motivation. Promoting hard work, dedication, and resilience in workouts; believing we all have the potential to control our own narrative and #MakeMoves on and off the mat. His goal is to help people feel successful, empowered, and confident after each and every workout.

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