Kelli Schneider

Kelli Barton Schneider, PT, DPT, OCS is a licensed physical therapist and board-certified specialist in orthopedics dedicated to maximizing the movement potential for dancers and those with hypermobility.

As a former dancer herself, Kelli’s had the opportunity to work with injured dancers at top studios and companies in Chicago and LA, providing physical therapy both in-clinic and backstage. Most recently, she was the touring physical therapist for Dancing with the Stars Live through Minchella Physical Therapy. Kelli is a recommended clinician from The Ehlers-Danlos Society and maintains her involvement in the hypermobility community through regular continuing education programing as well as building a network of multidisciplinary providers to facilitate more holistic care.

While she enjoys helping those with pain and injuries as a physical therapist, she also believes there’s a lack of wellness services for dancers and those with hypermobility. In addition to physical therapy, she provides Movement Training - a wellness service that helps prevent injuries and optimize performance through general strength and conditioning principles, flexibility and mobility training, balance, and Pilates-based movements.

She prides herself on the ability to problem solve through complex cases, make progress measurable, celebrate small victories, and provide sustainable, long-term solutions instead of quick fixes. For more information regarding her background, please visit

Prior to initiating Physical Therapy or Movement Training, she requires a free Discovery Call for prospective patients/clients to share their story, learn more about her treatment style, and make sure they’re a good fit prior to working together.

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