Katie Cakes Wildhagen

Katie "Cakes" Wildhagen, is the creator and founder of theBAKESHOP®, the physical and spiritual fitness brand that’s ‘Making the World Sweeter, One Booty at a Time.’


Through pursuing her passions as a personal trainer and fitness professional, she has come to understand the importance of not only working on the outside aesthetic, but cultivating the character within.


Working from the Mind.Booty.Soul foundational layers, she strives to guide others in connecting with their higher source through fitness, mindful meditative practice, and service to Self and others.


theBAKESHOP Menu of Classes ranges from the signature CAKES Booty Class, a booty band resistance class all set to the beat of the music, to the CakeMix Booty Class, a mix of weights and booty band work, to a HotCakes HIIT class, and a 30 min SweetTreatAbs + Easy Baked Cakes class.

We’ve got a flavor for any taste!


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