Grace Lorenzo

Grace Lorenzo is a certified yoga instructor born & raised in Los Angeles, CA.

She initially came into her practice as a way to exercise. She quickly found that it was more than just physical movement, it was emotionally & spiritually healing. It became one of her resources to self-regulate when dealing with PTSD resulting from traumatic abuse. She understood that in order for one to heal, one must have self-awareness of the body & mind connection - to understand how our minds process stress & trauma & how it shows up in the body. Recognizing how impactful the practice was for her, Grace felt called to teach & share yoga, & to help others to take ownership of their recovery.

Grace has completed over a thousand hours of training, specializing in Yin, Trauma-Informed & Meridian Yoga Techniques (MYT). She deepens her knowledge through continued training, connecting a range of healing modalities to offer the community.

Outside of teaching, she's a dedicated Ashtangi who actively seeks out dogs to pet.

To get in touch with Grace visit her website here

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