Dorothy Keiper

​Dorothy is a heart-centered energy worker with a focus on sound meditation. She is passionate about providing a safe and sacred container for you to fully relax, release, move past limiting beliefs/mindsets/blocks, and cultivate more JOY.

Her goal is to empower you to fully trust your intuition, allow your inner light to guide you, and stand confidently in all that you are.

Dorothy is a certified sound healer, meditation guide, and reiki practitioner. Her passion to do this work stems from her healing journey as she would attend sound baths and reiki sessions frequently. These practices were life changing for her and she is honored to share this work with the world!

She thoughtfully curates each experience using an array of different sound meditation instruments that weave together to take you on a beautiful and immersive inner journey! Reiki is sent at a distance in her collective sessions and hands on in small group and personal sessions.

Let me know if there is anything else you need from me! I will have insurance updated hopefully by tomorrow, end of the week at the lastest.

Thank so much!!


Dorothy Keiper

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