Carson Crawford

Personal Trainer, Boxing Instructor, Yoga Teacher

Learn to love your body with all of its potential: to be strong, to be powerful, to be fluid & flexible, to carry you through everything you do in life.

I am a full-time competitive fighter and personal trainer with a background in yoga. From combat to the squat rack to the yoga mat, I can offer you many ways to increase your levels of fitness, strength, and flexibility. My hope is that these movements will also help you find appreciation for everything your body is capable of.

As a fighter and competitive athlete, I am constantly learning and growing and would love to offer everything that I am learning to you. Even more than competing, I love to teach. So, together let’s find forms of fitness that motivate you to be better inside and outside of the gym; exercises that push you mentally and physically; and movements that help you to love and appreciate yourself more than you ever thought you would.

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