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We do not take our success and privilege for granted. Maverick Forward was founded after we recognized that levels of entrepreneurship are lower in underserved communities not for lack of interest or ability, but lack of opportunities and resources.

Maverick Community is the engine that helps drive Maverick Forward, our 501(c)3 nonprofit initiative that promotes entrepreneurship in underserved communities by providing no-cost mentorship, training, and certifications for aspiring wellness professionals, enabling more individuals to pursue their dreams, gain financial security, and proliferate fitness practices.

We Believe in Partnership.

Partnering > Giving:

Have you ever had someone in front of you in line purchase your food for you and, as a result, you decided to “pay it forward” to the person behind you? Paying it forward is a noble gesture, but we believe in taking the pay it forward model and making it more impactful, more sustainable. We believe in “partnering forward.”

Maverick Forward will partner with community members interested in becoming wellness professionals and support them on their path to entrepreneurship. In turn, we will ask these individuals to “pay it forward” once they become a licensed trainer by providing 1-3 hours a week of voluntary fitness instruction in their communities to individuals who might otherwise not be able to afford it, increasing access to fitness and wellness in these areas.

Easier Than Ever to Get Started.

Turn-Key Entrepreneurship:

We aim to remove the barriers to becoming an entrepreneur by providing no-cost mentorship, training, and certifications to interested individuals, funding all necessary activities required to become a licensed fitness trainer. Individuals will also receive mentorship and education on business planning, branding, and management; low and more flexible rent through Maverick Community; and a scholarship fund to allow for low or free client fees.

Maverick Community and Maverick Forward, combining the heart of a nonprofit with the scalability and innovation of a for profit. Please join us.

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