Maverick Forward

We do not take our success and privilege for granted. Obesity rates have risen to 42% despite the $4.2T wellness economy boom, and poor and underserved communities are the most impacted.

‘Maverick Community’ is the engine that helps drive ‘Maverick Forward,’ our 501(c)3 nonprofit initiative, committed to supporting professionals in their fields, helping more individuals in poor and underserved communities live more free, healthy and happy lives.

We Believe in Partnership.

Partnering > Giving:

Have you ever had someone in line in front of you purchase your food for you and, as a result, decided to 'pay it forward' to the person behind you? Paying it forward is a noble gesture, but we believe in taking the pay it forward model and making it more impactful, more sustainable. We believe in 'partnering forward.'

Poor and underserved communities want partnership, and Maverick Forward will partner with these community members, offering the opportunity to be low-risk entrepreneurs (wellness professionals).

Easier Than Ever to Get Started.

Turn-Key Entrepreneurship:

We pledge to work with these community members to promote health, fitness, and entrepreneurship, by offering no cost mentorship, training and certifications for aspiring wellness professionals, including low and more flexible rent and a scholarship fund to allow for low or free client fees.

Maverick Community and Maverick Forward, combining the heart of a nonprofit with the scalability and innovation of a for profit. Please join us.

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