Maverick Community is a shared space for fitness & wellness creators and brands to run their own thriving businesses. We’re like WeWork or SolaSalon or a farmers market for the fitness & wellness space

How Maverick Community Started

We created Maverick Community after noticing that fitness and wellness trainers, instructors, and coaches are not appropriately compensated for the value that they provide. Our goal is to provide flexible and affordable space for wellness professionals to become turn-key entrepreneurs to make more money and enjoy more freedom.

We then founded Maverick Forward, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, after recognizing that levels of entrepreneurship are lower in underserved communities not for lack of interest or ability, but lack of opportunities and resources. Maverick Forward aims to address this issue by providing no-cost mentorship, training, and certifications for aspiring wellness professionals, enabling more individuals to pursue their dreams, gain financial security, and proliferate fitness practices. Maverick Forward will fund all necessary activities required for an individual to become a licensed fitness trainer, including low and more flexible rent through Maverick Community and a scholarship fund to allow for low or free client fees. We hope to raise money from foundations and high net worth individuals to subsidize workouts, ensure entrepreneurs can be well trained, and attain real ownership of their work.

We're three friends with entirely different skillsets and backgrounds, but we share a passion for the following beliefs:

  • Teaching and practicing entrepreneurship (everyone can be an entrepreneur!)
  • Providing equal opportunity
  • Being of service to others less fortunate
  • Making fitness, health, and wellness accessible
  • Studying and practicing mindfulness meditation
  • Creating and embracing community

Michael Fishman

  • Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Pure Cycles - started in college and ran for 10 years
  • Nonprofit Board Member at The Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition
  • Hobbies: playing with wife and kids, cycling, basketball, reading

Christian Straka

  • Co-Founder @ MindSize
  • adidas Runners Global Mindset Coach, adidas Runners Mindset Coach Los Angeles
  • Mindfulness coach and facilitator
  • Former professional tennis player
  • Hobbies: reading, nature, tennis, golf, running

Steve LePore

What Makes Maverick Community Unique?

  • Focus on the instructor: while all other gyms and fitness facilities focus on the end customer, we're dedicated to the individual that provides the most value... the entrepreneur trainer, instructor, and coach. We'll charge affordable and flexible rent, offer private and shared modular studio space, and provide education on business and health, focusing on holistic wellness.
  • Wellness center > gym: we build wellness centers with a diverse range of wellness professionals as our tenants: personal trainers, group trainers, physical therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists, meditation coaches, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. We're believers and are passionate about incorporating physical fitness and recovery with mental health and nutrition to reach one's health and wellness goals.
  • Culture of service: running our for profit, Maverick Community, in parallel with our 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Maverick Forward, will ensure that we never lose focus of our goal to be of service to others, especially those less fortunate. Maverick Community is a social enterprise that will combine the heart and purpose of a nonprofit with a for profit's scalability and innovation.

Our Purpose + Values

Create an environment where wellness instructors and coaches can earn more money and enjoy freedom and control over their lives so that the result is more happiness and health for all.

We > Me

Create a family atmosphere with employees, customers, and the surrounding community. We're aware of the lack of accessibility in the wellness and fitness world and will actively involve our team members and customers to bring health and wellness practices to people who need them most.


Focus our attention on our customers (the wellness professionals) and put their satisfaction at the core of everything we do. We'll create an environment where our customers are smiling, and our team's focus is on improving their lives.


Mindfulness equals three attentional skills working together at the same time, these skills are Concentration, Clarity, and Coolness.

What does this mean?

It means that mindful awareness is a skillset, a collection of skills. A skill is an ability that can be improved with practice. Most skills involve some sort of external performance but mindfulness skills are “internal.” Mindfulness skills are a way to process your sensory experience. Sensory experiences are not just outer physical experience like sights and sounds but also inner experiences of thoughts and emotions. So, Mindful Awareness is a certain way to pay attention to what is happening around you and within you. It involves three core skills.

Each skill is distinct from the others, and they work together to reinforce each other.


Prioritize diversity in our team members (employees, customers, advisors, board members) and our health and wellness offerings. Diversity fosters new ideas and makes our community and company more successful in accomplishing our goal: creating more entrepreneurs and making health and wellness accessible for all.


Tell the truth, always.


Encourage a growth mindset, and continuously educate our team and customers on fitness, nutrition, and mental health.


Encourage and award being silly and curious.

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